FREE SMS messaging service for India only that may prove to be incredibly useful for citizen groups and NGOs. The service allows anyone to set up a group of mobile subscribers to message to, or for a group to message each other many-to-many. A user can receive news alerts and blog updates via SMS, for example; or a group can group-text message to each other.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ban on Bulk SMS

Ban on bulk SMSs here, banks spared

Mumbai: Telecom users got much-awaited relief from unsolicited commercial calls and SMSs on Tuesday. 
    Telecom regulator Trai, which has limited the number of bulk SMSs to 100 per day, said it was also planning to impose a five paise termination charge per SMS from October 15 on service providers on whose network commercial SMSs originate, to make it further difficult for those who broadcast millions of text messages in a day. 
    Trai has exempted providers such as dealers of telecom operators, e-ticketing agencies and social networking sites from the 100-SMSs cap. Banks too have said that transactions alerts will be unaffected. TNN 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Send Unlimited Free SMS

  • Jayesh Limaye, Sep 01, 2011 2211 hrs IST

    There ain't no such thing as a free lunch, but there sure is unlimited free SMS.



Text messaging has been in vogue in India since the beginning of mobile telephony and it continues to remain a strong competitor to mobile calls, even as the call rates have been falling. Nevertheless, it still does cost you something to send an SMS. There are many websites which allow you to send free SMS, with some being ad based, while others offering it for free. With the festive season in full swing, this is the perfect time for an article such as this. Here are two of the best free online SMS services you can make use of.

This service lets you send 150 free SMS every day. The SMS can be as long as 470 characters, which is the longest offered by any such service. It also supports Flash SMS, which is like a push SMS, appearing directly on the phone's screen without having to open it from the Inbox. The best thing is that it is completely free with no advertisements inserted into the SMS you send. All you need to do is to go to and register your mobile number for free either using the regular method as shown on the website, or using your Facebook login. A verification code will then be sent to your registered mobile number, which you must provide in the next step to confirm and complete the registration process and create the account with your public profile at[user name].

Send Unlimited Free SMS Online

You can also register using your Facebook login.

If you have ran out of words, the service lets you choose from amongst a few templates, although most would find them too corny. Additionally, Whozzat also has a facility to send Group SMS. The Phonebook option lets you store mobile numbers and assign them to groups. You can choose the numbers individually, or simply choose a group to which you wish to send the Group SMS.

Send Unlimited Free SMS Online

Sending SMS is easy.

As if this was not enough, there is a Schedule SMS option, which allows you to create an SMS and then set the date and time when you want it to be delivered. This is the perfect way to send a birthday or anniversary SMS to your spouse and save your marriage if you are too forgetful.

Send Unlimited Free SMS Online

Now you will never miss a date.

If you want to send SMS directly from your mobile, this site offers mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and Java phones. Mobile phone users can go to to check if there is an app for your device. The mobile app lets you synchronise mobile contacts with Whozzat and automatically populate its Phonebook. While SMS within India is free, international SMS is currently available for Re 1 per SMS, which is a fifth of what it costs to send otherwise. The Delivery Report section lets you check if the SMS you sent has reached the intended recipient.

Currently, this free SMS service is available only for India, but the website promises to add more countries soon.

Update: There appears to be some problem with this website today and you may see the message "This Account Has Been Suspended". We assume that this is a temporary problem and hope that it will be resolved soon. You are requested to check back later.

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