FREE SMS messaging service for India only that may prove to be incredibly useful for citizen groups and NGOs. The service allows anyone to set up a group of mobile subscribers to message to, or for a group to message each other many-to-many. A user can receive news alerts and blog updates via SMS, for example; or a group can group-text message to each other.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Google versus Facebook: Here's how the two rivals stack up

Facebook is the hottest Internet company to hit the stock market since Google went public in 2004. The Silicon Valley companies, located seven miles apart, also happen to be locked in a bitter battle for Web surfers' allegiance and online advertisers' money. The duel is likely to intensify now that the IPO has provided Facebook Inc's social network with the means to pay for efforts to battle Google Inc's dominant search engine. Here's the two rivals stack up, based on the latest available data: 


Google - $38 billion 
Facebook - $3.7 billion 


Google - $36.5 billion 
Facebook - $3.2 billion 


Google - $9.7 billion 
Facebook - $668 million. 


Facebook - more than 900 million 
Google - more than 170 million 

EMPLOYEES (as of March 31): 

Google - 33,100 
Facebook - 3,500 


Google - Co-founder Larry Page 
Facebook - Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg 


Google - $1.67 billion 
Facebook - $16 billion 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do you know 'Way2sms' is in Google India's top keyword searches?

December 16, 2011
We are the 8th fastest raising search keyword according to Google Indiazeitgeist 2010 competing with biggies such as facebook and twitter.

Ghana: Airtel's Frndz and Classifieds allowed up to 100 free SMS daily.

Airtel Ghana has introduced two new products on to the market.

Airtel Frndz and Airtel Classifieds, the former enables Airtel customers to subscribe and call up to ten special numbers at the lowest rate of 2.5Gp per minute.

Customers also enjoy free night on-net calls to their subscribed Frndz from 11:00pm (instead of 12:00) if they use a minimum GHC 0.015 within the day.

The latter, on the other hand enables customers to access information on a range of topics including job searches and where to buy what, right on their mobile phones.

Marketing Director of Airtel Ghana, Oare Ojeikere said Airtel Frndz seeks to give customers the freedom to stay connected with their families and be able to talk longer without unnecessarily spending too much.

Customers on Frndz are also charged just 6GP per megabyte on PAYG internet and are allowed up to 100 free SMS daily.

"We are always looking for opportunities to create innovative products that our customers will find beneficial and useful and we thought one key way is to re-horn our family and friends offer especially when there is so much happening around us and we want to share these things with people close to us", he said.

On Airtel Classifieds, Mr. Ojeikere said the product will make relevant and important information available to customers right on their mobile phones.

Through this service, customers can access information on a range of topics by texting the keyword, 'Class' to short code 108 or dialing the USSD *108#.

Among the services that can be accessed are job alerts (where users will get daily updates on job vacancies), automobiles (users will receive information on vehicles for sale and where to purchase them), rent alert (users will receive information on accommodation available for rent) and properties (users will receive information on properties available for lease or sale.

Head of Corporate Communications and External Affairs at Airtel Ghana, Donald Gwira said, "We are constantly reviewing our products and in line with the feedback received we adapt our products in line with the needs of our customers."

Airtel Ghana, he said, will focus on its goal of becoming the most loved brand in the daily lives of Ghanaians by offering useful data, voice and value added services to the network.

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